Small playable demo that explores the concepts of the game. Right now you choose a party of four characters from a list of pregens and fight up to eight creatures of your choice.




v1.19.47 – Nov 28 2018

  • added Paladin class
  • made a new character sheet
  • added support to load/save games
  • can change spells memorized before combat

v1.18.614 – Nov 9 2018

  • added the Ranger class.
  • added Point-Blank Shot feat.
  • hooked up projectile weapons.
  • hooked up thrown weapons.
  • added Giant Spider
  • added Dire Rat
  • added Venomous Snake
  • added Afflictions (poison, disease).
  • hooked up reach support.
  • flanking works for large creatures.

v1.18.445Oct 31, 2018

  •  added using Heal skill to Stabilize.
  • added support to do the Withdraw movement.
  • hooked up the Disarm combat maneuver.
  • added support for Coup de Grace.
  • re-skinned all the GUI controls.
  • cleaned up Settings screen.
  • made all the screens scale based on resolution.
  • fixed some cases where enemies could attack when helpless.

v1.18.235 Oct 23, 2018

  • initial demo release.